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In the field of industrial environment protection, Estar takes aim at global market which is based on the principle of sustainable development, and undertakes the social responsibilities of safety, environment protection and occupational health, keeping sustainable creative exploration.

Estar is committed using professional prevention technology of pollution, environmental customization project, and sincere and high-quality services to help clients solve environmental protection and occupational health problems, creating values, helping human to improve their life environment quality. Made in China, to create a better environment.

Chengdu Estar Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, focusing on dust treatment, noise treatment, waste gas treatment and etc industrial pollution treatment. Estar is a professional industrial environmental protection service provider which provides design, manufacturing, installation and service.

Over the years, Estar has unremittingly pursued the miniaturization, integration and automation of environmental protection equipment. Estar has gathered an engineering and technical team engaged in environmental protection, automatic control and electromechanical equipment area. With these years’ rich theoretical knowledge and decades of practical experience, our team already has a strong two-dimensional and three-dimensional non-standard products design capability. At the same time, through a long-term cooperation and continuous innovation with famous university and scientific research institution, Estar has obtained many innovative and practical new patents for environmental protection.

With the pace of the times, Estar builds a multidimensional stereo cooperative framework of Internet, headquarters, factory and agencies, we serve China’s manufacturing industry in aerospace, military industry, shipbuilding industry, machinery industry, steel industry, petroleum industry, chemical industry, metallurgical industry, building material industry, timber industry, pharmaceutical industry, paper industry, electronics industry, food industry and etc.

Depending on perfect process management system and one-stop customized service, Estar has obtained general consent and praise from many clients, including listed companies, central enterprise and the world’s top 500 companies. Because of our good achievement and public praise, Estar has became a member unit of Sichuan environmental protection industry association.

Estar’s headquarters is in ChengDu, with the expansion of business, we gradually set branch agency or service agency in south-west,north-west province of China to make sure the customers get quick response. Recent years, we will explore the aboard market steadily , to sell our products out of China, to reach the new stage of international development.

Decades of accumulation, from tradition to continuous innovation. In the future, Estar’s purpose is to make clients affordable and well-used our products, to be a enterprise that every client trusts us.

There is an old Chinese words YiSiDa saying, we strongly believe if we treat any problem philosophically, the problem can solved perfectly. Estar has the same pronunciation with YiSiDa, this is where Estar comes from.